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About Us
Who We Are
Lets start with a bit about me.

 I am Michael Young,  I am not a web designer :)

I am a Home Services Specialist / Handyman as most would call us.

Why?  Don't get it twisted its not a fall back it honestly what I enjoy doing.  I have done the office thing don't get me wrong I didn't hate it but lets face it I'm 42 years old I spent most of that time working for big companies.   I have a Wife we have been married for 22 Years I have two Children who are 20 year old Boy and a 23 year old Girl.  I was born in upstate New York, I grew up in Nashua NH and I moved to Indiana in 2012.   I am surrounded by my wifes family and great folks.
More About Us
​I don't pretend to know it all,   The picture to the right is my kitchen when I started with it.  the one above is the finished.   As I mentioned above I married and now my wife wants new cabinets and countertops.  that counter bar top. We built that with some old barn wood we got from Brian at the White River Canoe Company. ​   
 cleaned up nice don't you think.

On our home page it says Go Fishing. Let us complete that honey do list for you.  Click on the White River Link go see Brian and his team float down the river, after at day of relaxing on the river. Everything back home will be complete.

As hope all my clients will tell you I am not a money grubber, I have no problem putting in 8 - 10 hour days.  And when it comes to my prices
i am fair not just fair to me fair to the client. I don't want to be that guy you call once. I want to be the guy you call everytime for all your needs.

The pictures in our gallery, is work we have done sometimes we remember to take before pictures some times we forget.  

WE have been working in the area for about 5 years now give us a call
let us be part of your next project