1900 Gallery Page (Before & After)

1900 was a large home that had been empty for a number of years allot of water damage, bad floors, we gutted this house all the wall back to the studs, check out the before photo below.

We added the after photos to this page as well,  What did we do 

1st we didn't do it all alone - we had a number of sub contractors that helped out, Henry did the countertops, floors, drywall finishing & stair case

Blakley's did the carpet upstairs

2Youngs did the Demo, design electrical and plumbing as well as the framing and the decks,

Jeff Walls did the HVAC 

Garrett did the exterior siding and flashing work

Santagato Brothers hung the drywall

painting and ceiling stamping were done by Julio and ..... I can't remember his partners name

Johnny the Roofer did the Roof with and assist from Mr Kelly

As you notice allot of things changed from the before to the after photos we opened up door ways, the investor really wanted to keep all the built-ins however most where water damaged and rotted so out they went.
 every stitch of plumbing was removed from this house it has 100% new water and drain lines we also removed all the electrical from the home and installed all new 200AMP electrical panel.
Jeff came in and looked at the furnace and gave us the news that it was rotted so that was replaced as well.  When we say that we touched every square inch of this home, that is no joke.

you will notice in the before photos we have 2 fireplaces and only one in the after photos that because during demo the one in the parlor fell apart and the chimney fell off the house. which gave us the opportunity to turn the parlor into a home office/guest room we added a glass door and presto privacy while working from home,