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We are 2Youngs, Our goal is to be your go to contractor. We build and remodel homes in the greater Indianapolis Area, on our site we will tell you about our team and some of our projects. If you have questions ask,   
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About 2Youngs 

The Core of our company is Myself,  Michael Young I have been Married to my wife for 24 years and she is the 2nd Member of 2Youngs. A little about Nikki she is a full time Nurse and yet she still finds time to run 2Youngs home office.  In 2018 RDI and 2Youngs joined forces, Zayne brings his design skills and custom home building  to the company. Between Zayne and I,  We possess nearly 20 years of construction experience. Zayne is a wiz with 3D design allowing us to provide our customers the ability to see what they are getting before we even lift a hammer.     


Here we will provide details what we did and why. even show you some of the things we have encountered after we opened up the walls and how we addressed it. 

We are not just Home builders we are dream makers 
we strive to provide you that kitchen or Bathroom Even that home you have been dreaming about at a price that makes sense to you.  We don't hide costs we don't mark up materials, we will outline what we are going to do and explain the costs as we go.  we will tailor fit your project to your budget, and it will look Great.

311 Project

Back in 2012 2Youngs acquired a property built in 1946 which had a little 4 room apartment  above a garage style work space.  that we converted to a 2 story 2 bedroom 2 Bath home.

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1319 Project

in 2017 RDI acquired this property on Cruft Street Which started as as a quick rental flip and turned into a major rehab/redesign 

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1900 Project 

in 2017 2Youngs was approached by an investor to rehab this massive house in Elwood Indiana

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2507 Project (in progress

in 2019 we took on a property that had been a neglected rental. once the homeowner was able to evict the tenant he called us in to repair his home

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Deck Cover

The Family hired us to to build this 16x16 deck cover to provide shaded comfort.

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Our Team

Building 2Youngs, 2Youngs Started in 2012 when we moved to Indiana,  Our 1st project in Indiana was 311 you can read about that in our project sections.    We spent the next five years doing remodels and rental flips all over Indianapolis.  During the summer of 2018 Zayne & Mike met working on 2 different remodels across the street from each other.  They hit it off and joined forces on another remodel and decided to merge forces and build a company together. Why 2Youngs, well we flipped a coin to decide which name we kept 2Youngs (tails) and RDI (heads) and the coined landed on TAILS 

Michael Young

General Contractor

Mike is the idea guy, he comes up with the "Plan" and Zayne makes it work.

Zayne Phoenix

General Contractor

Zayne is the Design Wiz behind the project that help put your dreams on paper so we can build it like you see it 

Nichelle Young

"The Office"

Nikki helps run the office and provide back up to us in the field with permits and bonds etc 

Team members


And then we have a number of subcontractors that work with us to help make these projects great we will mention them by name throughout the site.


Show what your customers write about you.

Sourced from Google & BBB Websites

5 Stars

Mike and Ryan remolded the front of our house after it was crashed into. They also remodeled our bathroom as well as fixed our kitchen sink. Their work was done in a very timely manner and were very professional about their work. Doing work on the inside of my home, there were times I had to leave the house unattended to them and never had to second guess if it was okay to leave the house open to them. I live in Anderson and they were more than willing to travel from Elwood to take care of my home. I will recommend them to anyone, great work!

Tom Bova

5 Star (Google Review)

As a recently widowed mother my experience with 2Youngs Home service was exceptional. They came into my home to replace a hot water heater for me and treated me with respect and explained the process as I was concerned about the propane that was connected. As handy men they have assisted in replacing faulty dimmer switches. A new outlet for my stove as it was ran incorrectly. They installed my dishwasher and leveled my counter as it had settled over time. No job is to little for them and they treat there customers with respect and there pricing is extremely fair. They cleaned up after themselves which I was surprised at. I have had others come into my home to do repairs and have left messes for me to have to clean up. They will be the first that I call next time. Thank you for everything you did Michael and Ryan 

Lucinda Young

5 Star (Google Review)

I called 2youngs to my home to get a free estimate, there was water leaking from my washer, they arrived when they said they would looking professional. I explained my problem and explained my washer was older and I was afraid in would need to replace it. On my fixed income i was hoping they could fix it. While I spoke with the younger one, the looked at the washer he noticed it was full of water and i told him when I saw the water i turned it off. He restarted the drain cycle and we all stood and watch. he then looked under the machine and behind and then stopped the machine did something behind the machine and started it back up. The drain hose had broken, they had one in the truck and had me all fixed up in just a few minutes.

S Johnson

5 Star (Google Review)

I had a home inspection and plumbing work done by this wonderful team. They were timely and did excellent service at a good rates.

Mike DeVol

5 Star (Google Review)

Called these guys to repair a water line that was leaking behind my wall. A man named Ryan showed up at my door friendly and willing to answer all my questions and concerns with a good attitude. I had previously hired two well known plumbing companies. One being Earl Gray and the Second being Summers heating and cooling. Both companies I felt took advantage of the fact that I'm a single mother with no knowledge of any plumbing and felt helpless. Both those companies charged me 500$ to fix my outdoor water spicket and cut two holes in my wall then left it open and water lines were visible. These holes not only made my home look terrible but also were dangerous bc my small children had access to the pipes. I hired 2youngs to see if they could fix what the other two companies couldn't and the damage they left behind. Not only did they fix the water leak problem, they also used better/stronger materials and repaired my wall leaving my house looking great. They even fixed a few things that the other two companies left behind without charging me extra! I would highly recommend 2youngs for any and all home improvements. These guys not only were honest hard working and efficient but I felt they treated my kids and I like family. Not just a dollar sign like the other companies I've used in the past.

Amanda D

Ryan is an awesome business man. He is very professional and will work with you any way he can!

Whitney Cummins

5 Star (BBB Review)

2Youngs Home Services is the most accurate, talented and cost effective home services we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. They always go the extra mile by discovering incorrect wiring and malfunctions from previous construction that has been a hazard. So many times they have repaired the problem ...at no cost, before they proceed to the job they have contracted to do for me. Always using their expertise to make a beautiful finished project. I highly recommend them for all home projects!

Sue J

5 Star (BBB Review)

I still use them for my home repairs or whatever I need done.

Benny H


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