2507 Gallery

This is the danger of renting property to good people, this was the landlords 1st look after he was able to evict the tenant and get back into the property 

We came in a removed the back half of the house, all this was damage was caused by an unreported roof leak that started above the bathroom and traveled across the plaster looking for any place to collect and pool.

How did we fix it?
2Youngs with the help of Brian & Daken removed the roof, the back wall and the east wall
raised the new addition to 10' ceilings and added a nice pitch, Removed the interior walls and framed a new bathroom.  dug a 3 foot crawl space under the addition and ran new power and water services.

What is still to come on this one -
spray foam, new electrical and  PEX plumbing, new floors, new bathroom fixtures, new furnace and air conditioning, recessed lighting, on demand hot water, siding and landscaping 

The owner plans to call this one his forever home.