311 Gallery Page

We started 311 in August of 2012. It was a little 400 square foot apartment over the top of a storage/garage space. The plan was simple gut it back to the studs and update the plumbing/Electrical/insulation and add the 1st floor as living space turning the original space into 2 bedrooms a small office and a half bath. 2Youngs was responsible for the Demo, Framing, Plumbing and electrical you will also see in the gallery that we built a custom set of stairs from the 1st floor to the second. while removing the garage door in the front and adding a 36" entry door we also added a 36" Entry door at the rear.  We brought in Haskett Electric to wire the panel and  We brought in the Arepel Brothers to do our drywall finishing and ceiling stamping. We utilized an inch of spray foam on all the exterior walls to seal up all the nooks and crannies and then covered with bat insulation for a nice warm house. 

In the end, We kept 311 as our home and Office